In the heart of agriculture, Diamond Engine realizes how hard our local farmers work to provide us with the crops they grow. Agriculture is a billion dollar industry that provides us with more than most realize. These elite individuals spend 100's of thousands of dollars on equipment from tractors, to combines, all the way to their transporting trucks. So you have warped head? No problem our servicing mill can take care of that. Need new liners in your block? No biggie, our Rottler F8A will take care of that, we will install a new liner and finish off with our Sunnen CK10 providing you with a brand new cylinder wall with a finish hone. 

So when one breaks down, be sure to bring it to Diamond Engine and Machine as we have a division particularly for your agriculture needs. Whether it be your 404 John Deere or your Case 207d, Diamond Engine has you covered.
Own a smaller tractor? No problem.  We are just as knowledgeable about small engines as we are big ones. So that DF750 Kubota is one of the hundreds of agricultural engines that have left our doors. 

Looking to build it yourself, we can help!
We offer superior aftermarket rebuild kits providing you with everything you need to keep that engine alive!

Need an individual part? Call Bruce, our parts guy, and we can get you the best deal on all the latest and greatest!