Does the sound of 8 cylinders rumbling get you excited? Or is it the screaming 4 that you like to see go? Either way, we understand. When your car isn't all about looks, but what it can lay down on the dyno, track, or road. Wheather your looking for a light freshening up on a 350 SBC, or wanting to go nuts with a BAE Hemi. We can handle it. 

Hot rodding is a bit of a specialty of ours, so if you wanting that big rumble, we can hook you up with a nice large CAM. Looking for some serious power down the strip? How does 800 cubic inches sound? Looking to take the checkered flag on the final lap? Then your in good hands, we have done them all. 

 A proud sponsor of the 2011 ADRL Pro Extreme Champion, Jason Hamstra